Taiwanese Actor Facing 'Tiny Times' Edit After Drugs Arrest

Guo Jingming

"The movie has to be submitted for censorship, and it's beyond my ability"

Guo Jingming, creator of the highly successful Tiny Times franchise, may cut Taiwanese actor Ko Chen-tung out of the next installment of the series after he was caught up in a drug bust with Jackie Chan's son.

Last month, the Taiwanese star was detained with Jaycee Chan, son of the veteran Hong Kong action star, Jackie Chan, after they were caught smoking marijuana at a foot-massage parlor in Beijing.

Ko looks set to be the first high-profile casualty of a morality crusade in the Chinese entertainment business. After that drug bust, and several other high-profile celebrity arrests, many leading film and TV companies pledged not to hire stars involved in prostitution, gambling or drug abuse for their shows.

The Beijing News quoted Guo speaking at an event in the capital, saying either some or all of Ko's scenes in the lifestyle comedy drama Tiny Times 4.0 would be deleted.

Guo said the decision was no longer up to him as director. "The movie has to be submitted for censorship and it’s beyond my ability," Guo said.

There were reports that Guo had spoken to actor Bai Jingting about replacing Ko, but Guo subsequently denied these reports on his Weibo microblog account.

Ko has already lost out on a number of celebrity endorsements, which reportedly include Quaker Oat Company, Maybelline, Canon and KFC.

Also, because of his arrest, he will not be able to enter mainland China for at least two years. This means he will be unable to promote two projects in which he is featured, Giddens Ko's A Choo and Monster Hunt.

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