Taiwan's 3D endeavor

Country's first full-length 3D feature opens in April

"When I began to develop 'Clown-fish' three years ago, everyone told me it was impossible. The government told me it was a stupid idea and that they didn't believe I could do it," said Charlie Chu, founder of Gene Young 3D Image and director of Taiwan's first full-length stereoscopic 3D feature, "Clown-fish," scheduled for release in Taiwan in April on 40 screens.

Chu established Gene Young in 1991 as an advertising and digital content company before he ventured into 3D in 2007 and had since made seven 3D short films.

"I just want to prove that we can make a 3D film in Taiwan," said Chu, who led his staff of eight to produce the 85-minute 3D drama with NT$30 million (US$945,000) and stereoscopic cameras from Germany.

The film uses no computer graphics or animation, but the director faced an avalanche of technical difficulties during post-production due to lack of technical support available in Taiwan at that time.

Now a number of big name Taiwan and Hong Kong directors had expressed interest in using the 3D post-production programs Chu and his team developed, and the Taiwanese government has commissioned a 3D short film.
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