Take a Peek Inside Giorgio Armani's Elegant Armani/Silos Opening

They call it Armani/Silos, but it's much more than a name.

What Giorgio Armani opened in Milan recently — complete with a chic cocktail party and show attended by A-list Hollywood stars — is really a lesson in fashion history, focused on what Mr. Armani has delivered to the world during his legendary 40-year-run (and still going strong).

And it's precisely those four decades that were celebrated at the opening of the Armani/Silos exhibition in Milan. Everyone was there. And by everyone we mean women (Glenn Close, Cate Blanchett, Hilary Swank, Tina Turner, Lauren Hutton) and men (Leonardo DiCaprio, Chris Pine and Pierce Brosnan) and international fashionistas. Watch the clip above for a peek inside the glamorous Italian night.

Located at Via Bergognone 40, the building formerly housed a Nestle grain-storage facility but was renovated under Armani's watchful eye during an extensive renovation process. The silos are now four levels with around 4,500 square meters, just enough to offer an overview of the past 40 years of his career on display via 600 outfits and 200 accessories. And yes, it's themed: Day wear on the ground floor, exoticism on first floor, color schemes on second floor, and the theme of light taking over the third and fourth floors. (There’s also a gift shop and coffee shop).

Hardcore fashion students will love the digital archive of sketches and technical drawings from both the read-to-wear and couture collections that are also housed on the top floor. That archive is open to the public. If you haven’t already booked a trip to Milan after reading this article, you can head on over to ArmaniSilos.com for more information. See you there!