'Taken 2,' 'Chasing Mavericks' Will Be Heard in Dolby Atmos

Fox will outfit its Zanuck Theater with the technology for mixing feature films.

Twentieth Century Fox’s upcoming Taken 2 and Chasing Mavericks will be released in Dolby’s recently launched Atmos sound format.

Anticipating future Dolby Atmos titles, Twentieth Century Fox is additionally outfitting its Zanuck Theater on the Fox lot for audio postproduction with Atmos.

Helming the upcoming Atmos work will be sound re-recording mixers Craig Henighan, who will mix Oct. 26 release Chasing Mavericks in Dolby Atmos; and Chuck Michael, who will mix Oct. 5 release Taken 2, for which Liam Neeson returns as retired CIA agent Bryan Mills; Chasing Mavericks is the true story of surfing phenomenon Jay Moriarity.

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Atmos creates a lifelike sound experience by lining speakers along the theatre’s front, rear and side walls, as well as overhead. It can play up to 128 channels of sound at once.

Disney/Pixar’s Brave was the first film to be mixed in Atmos. It premiered last spring in Atmos at the newly-renamed Dolby Theatre. And when the movie opened on June 22, 14 theaters in the North America showed the movie in Atmos.

North American theaters selected to show Taken 2 and Chasing Mavericks in Dolby Atmos have not yet been announced.

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