'Welcome' takes Heartland's grand prize

Philippe Lioret wins $100,000 at Indianapolis film festival

Philippe Lioret’s “Welcome” received the $100,000 grand prize for best dramatic feature at the Heartland Film Festival in Indianapolis on Saturday.

Gabriel Noble’s “P-Star Rising” took the best documentary feature prize, while Dean Yamada’s “Bicycle” (Jitensha) earned the Vison Award for best short film.

Ed Catmull, president of Walt Disney and Pixar Animation Studios, was honored with the Pioneering Spirit Award.

Crystal Heart Awards were presented to Hilla Medalia’s "After the Storm”; "Bicycle" (Jitensha);  Dag Hoel and Havard Bustnes’ "Big John"; Rene Bo Hanson's "The Eagle Hunter’s Son”; Gloria La Morte and Paola Mendoza's "Entre Nos"; Irene Taylor Brodsky's "The Final Inch”; Zvi Spielmann's "For My Father"; Melody George's "Marbles With Thoreau"; "P-Star Rising"; Debra Zimmerman's "Rough Aunties"; Greg Barker's "Sergio"; Omri Givon's "Seven Minutes in Heaven"; Christian Sonderby Jepsen's "Side by Side"; Jeremiah Crowell's "Small Collection";  and "Welcome."

The Jimmy Steward Memorial Crystal Heart Award went to Daniel Harrich's "Acholiland" and Gregg Helvey's "Kavi."