Takeshi's 'Outrage' to get sequel

Yakuza gangster film to release next fall

TOKYO – Takeshi Kitano is to make a sequel to this summer’s “Outrage,” his return to the yakuza gangster film genre, slated for release next fall.
Takeshi, who also works as a comedian, irreverent TV presenter, actor and author, made his directorial name with his early violent films, before taking a more artsy route in recent years.
The 4th Glory to the Filmmaker award – named in honor of Takeshi and his eponymous film – was given to Indian director Mani Ratnam on Sunday in Venice. Earlier this year, Takeshi won France's highest cultural award.
Although Takeshi is often more feted on the European festival circuit than commercially successful at home, “Outrage” pulled in a healthy 750 million yen ($8.9 million) – his best boxoffice performance in years.
The film attracted mixed reviews when it premiered at this year’s Cannes.
“The cast of 'Outrage' was good and we just about made an interesting film. But if I analyze it carefully then I’d just about give it a pass mark. My own rating would be 60%, so I’m aiming for 'Outrage 2,' to make something more entertaining,” said Takeshi, who also starred in the first film.
“Outrage 2” will be jointly distributed by Warner Bros. and Takeshi’s company, Office Kitano.