Talent Agency Launches With Focus on Vtubing

Justin Ignacio

Justin Ignacio

The company will represent vloggers who use animated avatars as their public personas on video and live-streaming platforms.

Talent agency VShojo announced its launch Tuesday with an intent to focus on representing content creators who use animated avatars as their public personas on live-streaming and video platforms, known as VTubers.

The company is co-founded by CEO Justin "TheGunrun" Ignacio, a streamer known in the competitive gaming community whose background also includes working at Twitch, and Phillip "MowtenDoo" Fortunat, who will serve as CEO and chief technology officer, respectively.

"VTubing experienced a massive upswing this year as more creators and viewers embraced avatar-rooted entertainers," Ignacio said in a statement. "With the VTuber medium exploding and providing a large new audience for brands, it was the perfect time to launch VShojo as a conduit between both parties. Now if brands want to enter the VTuber space and tap into the top talent, we’ve streamlined the process for everyone."

VShojo's roster, which will focus on the growth and development of its talent, will include vTubers Nyatasha Nyanners, Projekt Melody, Silvervale, Hajime, Froot, Zentreya and Ironmouse, all of whom are active on Twitch, YouTube and Twitter.

VTubing originated in Japan with digital personalities such as Kizuna Al and is becoming known worldwide through YouTube and social media. Content creator Pokimane is among those in the U.S. who have practiced VTubing.

Looking ahead, VShojo aims to raise the profile of English-speaking vTubers while providing them with opportunities to expand their brands.