Talent Manager Apologizes for Email Telling Assistant to "Sew Her Vagina Shut"

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Getty Images; Courtesy of A.M.W. Talent Agency

Former Michael Einfeld Management assistant Rosette Laursen claimed in an Aug. 8 Facebook post that Einfeld sent obscene emails criticizing her for requesting time off to observe "A Day Without a Woman" in March.

Talent manager Michael Einfeld has issued an apology to "friends, colleagues and clients" after one of his former assistants, Rosette Laursen, wrote a lengthy Aug. 8 Facebook post detailing sexist remarks he made about her in emails and other offensive alleged behavior in the workplace. In the emails, Einfeld called her an “uppity selfish c—” and suggested that "someone should sew her vagina shut" for requesting March 8 off to observe A Day Without a Woman.

"Are you fucking kidding me. At the end of pilot season," Einfeld wrote in an email that was intended only for two male colleagues but was accidentally distributed officewide. "Someone should sew her vagina shut. I'm never hiring a girl ever again."

In a follow-up email, according to screenshots Laursen included in her post, Einfeld complained that "women are considered diverse and being shoved in as writer and directors. Zach who is a Jewish male is being pushed out. Uppity selfish c—." He added, "I'm sure anyone at a casting office or agency would be fired."

A Day Without a Woman was a nationwide campaign encouraging women to mark International Women's Day, March 8, by taking the day off from work and refraining from making purchases in order to demonstrate their impact on the economy. UTA held off-site events for its female employees, while CAA arranged transportation from its Century City offices for staffers to attend the rally downtown, and women at Paradigm took the day off to volunteer together.

Laursen also posted screenshots of text messages that she claims Einfeld sent her after realizing his emails had reached the entire team. "I apologize for venting like a masagonistic faggit [sic]," he texted. "If you come back we can play Nazi death camp. You can beat me and put me in the oven or feed me cabbage and lock me in the shower."

Instead, Laursen quit, adding in her Facebook post that Einfeld's office behavior allegedly included describing black clients with the N-word and calling employees "fucking retards." She wrote that she enlisted a lawyer who specializes in workplace harassment to request a few months of pay as a private settlement, but that Einfeld ignored all such communications. Instead of filing a lawsuit, Laursen decided to publish her account.

Einfeld responded to the claims on Thursday evening in a Facebook post that was made private the next morning. "Let me say without reservation — I am sorry," he wrote. "I used language that was tasteless, humorless and completely inexcusable. I believe deeply in workplace diversity regardless of race, gender, creed or sexual orientation, and I am mortified that the things I have said have worked against my commitment to inclusion. As I've searched for a response to all this, what I’ve discovered is that words fall woefully short of my extreme remorse — I am so sorry. I will be undertaking some obviously needed introspection, and want to thank those of you who have expressed a willingness to stand by me. To those that feel they need space from me — I am heartbroken but understand."

THR is reaching out to Einfeld's clients, who, according to IMDb, include a long list of names such as Heather Tom, Juliet Mills, Melody Thomas Scott, Shirley Knight, Lee Meriwether, Tina Louise and Jai Rodriguez. So far, none have responded on the record. Michael Einfeld Management is based in Toluca Lake, Calif.

Einfeld and Laursen have not yet responded to THR queries as of press time.

Read Laursen's full Facebook post below. [Editor's note: Laursen's Facebook post was flagged and removed on Aug. 24. She re-published it on her website.]