Talent search under way for '5th Quarter' pic

Director seeking original songs via Web site

Rick Bieber, writer-director of "The 5th Quarter," starring Aidan Quinn, Andie MacDowell and Ryan Merriman, is holding an Internet-based talent search to find original songs for the sports-themed film's soundtrack and is accepting submissions at the film's Web site, www.music.the5thquartermovie.com.

The film, produced by Bieber's Angel City Pictures, tells the true story of Wake Forest University middle linebacker Jon Abbate, who, driven by a fatal car crash that took the life of his younger brother Luke, and wearing Luke's No. 5 jersey, helped lead the team to its record 11 wins in 2006.

Bieber and executive producer Bob McCreary set up the Web site to find songs in various genres, including alternative, country, rap, rock and singer-songwriter.

"It's a very recent and inspirational story which lends itself to contemporary music written by young, emerging songwriters," Bieber said of the film. "We're excited by the prospect of introducing new and innovative musical talent to our film audience."

Additional members of "The 5th Quarter" producer group are Alan Cohen, Ryan Johnston, Joel MacDonell and Doug Ames.
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