'Talent' winners, finalists to star in 3-D flick

Dance troupes Diversity, Flawless cast in 'Street Dance'

LONDON -- Vertigo Films' plans to shoot a 3-D teen dance movie dubbed "Street Dance" got a boost after the "Britain's Got Talent" 2009 final show.

Winning act Diversity and fellow street boppers Flawless from the final are both on the roster to star.

Producer and Vertigo co-founder James Richardson signed both dance troupes to star in his picture after seeing them perform last year at the U.K. Street Dance Championships in July, long before the duo wowed mainstream television audiences alongside Susan Boyle et al.

Due to shoot in August, "Street Dance" follows the exploits of a dance crew in training for the Street Dance Championships, who are forced to work with ballet dancers from the Royal Dance School in return for rehearsal space. Despite having no common ground they join forces to find a way to win.

Directed by promo duo Max and Darnia, "Street Dance" is from a screenplay by Jane English and will be distributed by Vertigo in the U.K.

" 'Street Dance' is a global phenomenon and we want this film to showcase to the world the extraordinary talents of British street dancers," Richardson said.

Last year's "Britain's Got Talent" winner George Sampson also will make his debut big-screen appearance, producers said.