Talk about a party-pooper

Strike has stalled Globes shindigs

Forget Oscar weather vane. The thing the Golden Globes might be best known for — the parties — are in jeopardy. With less than a week before the awards show, no invitations had been sent for any of the bashes.

The Friday announcements by SAG and top publicists that no actor will cross the WGA's picket line has thrown a monkey wrench into one of the biggest party nights of the year. As of late last week, studios and networks had not officially written off the Sunday night parties and were taking a wait-and-see approach.

When asked whether their company was going ahead or canceling, one insider said, "I don't know how to answer that question at this point."

HBO had retained its traditional space in the pool area of the Beverly Hilton and had made all necessary preparations but was holding on to invites.

NBC/Universal/Focus was planning a rooftop bash but was in a holding pattern. The Warner Bros./In Style party also was in a state of flux.

The Weinstein Co. was moving ahead with its party, to be held in the former Trader Vic's spot, in the hope that some kind of agreement will be reached, a company source said.

One party going forward no matter what is the BAFTA/LA Tea Party, held the Saturday before the Globes. That event, which has steadily grown in recent years, is billed as a celebration of awards season, not just the Globes.