Tallinn Film Fest Explains Inclusion of Film by Rajat Kapoor, Accused of Harassment

Kadakh - Still - 2018
Credit: Tallinn Black Nights Film Festival

Kapoor's 'Kadakh' was excluded from the Mumbai Film Festival earlier this month.

The Tallinn Film Festival has explained the inclusion in its official selection.of Rajat Kapoor's film Kadakh, which was omitted from the Mumbai International Film Festival as a result of harassment accusations against Indian actor-director.

"We are fully supporting Mumbai in their decision to exclude Mr. Kapoor’s film from their program as a result of the surfaced accusations," said Tiina Lokk, festival director and head of program, in a statement. "We are also supporting all the victims of sexual misconduct in any country or situation, male or female, not only those brought to light by the MeToo movement. And equally, we fully condemn the perpetrators, who we believe should undergo a legitimate trial and be punished accordingly."

Lokk added: "But the case in question, from as much as we know, has for now reached a conclusion with a clear apology by Mr. Kapoor. If the allegations are true, his behavior was certainly not a nice way for anyone to act and should not be tolerated by anybody."

She concluded: "However, in its present state, based on all the information I have learned from the media sources, I don’t see enough reasons to pull his film out of the program and help end the journey of the film or support declaring him a total persona non grata."

Earlier this month, accusations against Kapoor and comedy collective All India Bakchod led to the removal of their respective films, Kadakh and Chintu Ka Birthday, from Mumbai's program.