Tandem testimonials


Ridley Scott
"Tandem will stop at nothing to get a good project financed and produced -- even in the middle of a world recession."

Robert Lantos, Serendipity Point/Maximum Films
"Rola is a force of nature. Failure is not in her DNA."

Stan Brooks, president, Once Upon a Time Films
"Tandem's very hands-on as a distributor. You always have someone you can call. It's much more a corner deli than a Save On."

Anke Schaferkordt, managing director, RTL Televion, COO RTL Group
"Producing and financing English-language TV out of Germany and successfully selling it internationally is a remarkable and entrepreneurial business model. No one would be more capable of starting such a venture than Rola Bauer, Tim Halkin and Jonas Bauer."

Peter Guber, chairman, Mandalay Entertainment
"Rola, Tim, Jonas and their team have helped us to establish a worldwide television franchise, and have sold and serviced our pictures with the utmost professionalism, creativity and passion."

James Brolin, actor
"No matter the budget, from lenses to lunch, Tandem always runs a classy operation."

Ian McShane, actor
"When everyone else is cutting back, doing cheap reality show, Tandem, thank God, is plowing ahead with big event TV. They're the way forward."

Kristanna Loken, actress
"Tim Halkin and Rola Bauer taught me the ins and outs of the world behind the camera, and, with co-exec producing 'Painkiller Jane,' gave me the opportunity to explore that newfound wealth of information. It is no surprise that their company has become such a success."

David Zucker, president, Scott Free Television
"Our new world order of financing and producing television highlights is still a moving target, but Tandem keeps reinventing the game, finding innovative and entrepreneurial ways of putting the pieces together."

Sandra Quaiss, program/channel relations manager, Canal+
"Tandem has always been a very valuable partner for us, with whom we not only share the taste for quality fiction but also that of trust, laughs, and fine food from all over the world!"

From Larry Sanitsky, producer
Congratulations to Rola, Tim and Jonas on the 10th anniversary of Tandem. Their tireless efforts were instrumental in making Robert Ludlum's 'The Hades Factor' an international success. I look forward to continuing my association with them long into the future.

Andreas Bartl, ProSieben
10 years of Tandem means ten years of amazing international co-production of films. Among these were fascinating epics like "Dune," "The Niebelungs," and "Pillars of the Earth" - films that we thought were too big, at least for German TV screens. This was until Tandem actually made them! Tandem not only has fantastic ideas, but you can also be sure everything will be executed as good as it has been pitched. Rola Bauer and her team are the best business partners you can possibly have - passionate and absolutely reliable. Congratulations on your anniversary and your great work so far! We look forward to mutual new adventures.