Tara Lipinski on Her Role in Jim Carrey's 'Kidding': "Why Not Poke Fun at Myself?"

"I don’t take things that seriously. I thought it was fun and I was good to be in on the joke," Lipinski said of her role on Showtime’s 'Kidding.'

When Tara Lipinski got a call from Kidding creator Dave Holstein about a multi-episode role on the Jim Carrey Showtime series, she had one thought: “How could I say no?”

“I was talking to Dave Holstein and he was saying, ‘It was written for you. You have to say yes,’” the Olympic ice skater tells The Hollywood Reporter. “I read the script and the writing was incredible, the story was amazing, my character — or myself — was just a very, very different version of who I really am. So, it was really fun to be able to step into an entirely different character.”

In Kidding, Lipinski plays a “warped version” of herself who joins children's television host Mr. Pickles (Carrey) for a big-budget touring show called Pickles on Ice. During the tour she plays a chain-smoking skating superstar with a mouth of a sailor.

“I don’t take things like that seriously," Lipinski says of the role. "I thought it was fun and I was good to be in on that joke, and the way I looked at it was that it was a lot more fun to take on that role than just to play Tara, myself. And I mean, maybe [that] would be more genuine but very boring.”

Lipinski adds, “I just love new opportunities and I feel grateful that they come along and why not make a little fun of myself?”

The figure skater also discusses working alongside Carrey on set, calling him "my own little acting coach.”

“He made me feel so comfortable and he was so helpful because I was just asking him a million questions," Lipinski explains. "In every scene, he was always making me laugh and it was just an experience I’ll look back on and think, ‘Wow. That was so surreal.’”

Watch the video above to hear Lipsinski talk about bonding with Carrey over skating, whether she’s looking to expand her acting résumé and more.