Tara Lipinski's Road to Rio Includes Goldfish Snacks and Miu Miu Shades

Tara Lipinski NBC - P 2016
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The American figure skater and NBC Olympics correspondent — best known for being the youngest Olympic gold medalist in the ladies’ single figure skating event, in 1998 — reveals what she’s bringing along to Rio.

When it comes to clothing, Brazil is known for its "less is more" mentality — this is a country with a skimpy bikini bottom named after it, after all.

So what’s a girl to pack? Tara Lipinski gave Pret-a-Reporter the scoop on her Rio wardrobe ahead of the Olympics official Opening Ceremony taking place on Friday, Aug. 5.

Lipinski and Johnny Weir, her NBC culture correspondent co-host for the 2016 Olympic Games, made waves at the 2014 Sochi games for overpacking (as if there’s such a thing), by bringing along a combined eight suitcases. So considering it’s a warm climate south of the equator, is she bringing a lighter load?

TOO MUCH GOOD STUFF: Tara Lipinski with her bags for Rio. (Photo: Tara Lipinski)

“It looks worse,” said Lipinski. "It’s so much more. I’m bringing two extra suitcases and a box this time. I don’t know how it got so out of control, but it just did... Obviously we overpacked [at Sochi], but now we’re really not sure what we might need.”

BRIGHT IS ALRIGHT: The host in Rio. (Photo: Tara Lipinski)

It’s the middle of winter in Rio, but the sun’s still shining, so sunglass style will be crucial for hosts. Matt Lauer of The Today Show has reported thus far from Rio while wearing a stylish pair of Ray-Ban WayfayersLipinski will bring her A-game with "twelve pairs of sunglasses — I have some good ones." Tom Ford, Miu Miu and Ray-Ban sunnies are just a few of the designer shades she’ll be rocking on camera. 

SHADY BUSINESS: Lipinski's shades for Rio. (Photo: Tara Lipinski)

The former Olympian is not afraid of wearing colorful looks, either, and for three-and-a-half weeks of travel, the host needs to bring as many jewelry options as possible. 

As for the Zika Virus, Lipinski's not sweating it. “Johnny and I were actually in Rio this February shooting some features, and I brought a lot of bug repellent — that’s really the only difference," she said of her prep routine. "So, I’m bringing that again and I’m also bringing Avon’s Skin So Soft — I’m going to [alternate between them] so it’s not like cans of Off! and Skeet everyday.” 

BITS AND BAUBLES: Lipinski's jewelry for Rio. (Photo: Tara Lipinski)

Packing snacks is also crucial not just to ease hunger pangs, but also homesickness. And if you’re expecting raw food bars and gluten-free anything — think again. “I love Goldfish, I’m like a four-year-old. Goldfish and chocolate.” Double Chocolate Milano Cookies, Peanut Butter M&M’s and Dove Chocolate also made their way into Lipinski's snack suitcase. 

SNACKS ON SNACKS: A suitcase full of goodies for the road. (Photo: Tara Lipinski)

Lipinski and Weir launched a podcast ahead of the games, sounding off on topics in pop culture, fashion and sports. The first episode goes over all the opening ceremony costumes for all the countries. Team U.S.A.’s Ralph Lauren uniform gets the pair's stamp of approval: "Ralph Lauren is Ralph Lauren and I feel like he always comes to the party and he’s the best-dressed one there. I think Ralph Lauren nails it.”


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