Makeup Monday: Taraji P. Henson's Eyebrow Guru Debuts New MAC Collab

MAC Brows Are It - H 2016
Courtesy of MAC Cosmetics

MAC Brows Are It - H 2016

MAC has tapped Damone Roberts, who also counts Beyonce and Kelly Rowland as clients, for a collection that's all about achieving your ideal brow shape.

It’s been said that the eyes are the window to the soul, but considering how in demand Beverly Hills eyebrow artist Damone Roberts is by his celebrity clients (Beyonce, Taraji P. Henson, Madonna, Kelly Rowland and Robert Downey Jr. top that list) and that eyebrow pencils and products are the fastest growing sector of the beauty market, brows are clearly not far behind in terms of important face-defining features.

"I first saw this brow moment 15 years ago," says Roberts, whose salon grooms roughly 200 clients a day (and considerably more during Oscars week) about the impetus to leave his job as a MAC Cosmetics makeup artist and focus on eyebrows two decades ago. "I realized that brows frame the face even without even a touch of makeup. Well-groomed brows can take 10 years off your face or 10 pounds off, when done correctly."

Now things have come completely full circle with MAC tapping Roberts to curate an eyebrow collection for the brand. The brow expert plucked what he felt were the most effective items for a wide range of skin colors from the existing MAC selection and also worked with the company to develop a new product called the Big Brow Pencil ($21), which helps achieve that slightly unkempt Cara Delevingne feathery eyebrow effect.

Launching Monday, the definitive-sounding "Brows Are It!" collection is available online now, and in stores on March 3.

"I took the best of what they had and what I love and showed them how to make it more cohesive," says Roberts about the brow collection. “America is so diverse and MAC recognizes that. We cover every shade, from the lightest light to the darkest dark.”

He also claims that the consistency of a brow product is key, saying, "You want the consistency of a brow product to give the effect of actual brow hair. Check out the brows throughout history: [Marlene] Dietrich, Lucille Ball, Cara Delevingne ... the difference is now you can really see the hair. It doesn’t read like eyeliner."

And as for shape, that is always tailored specifically to a person’s face. So, when clients walk in asking for Beyonce's brows, Roberts reminds them that though Bey looks beautiful with her thick and slightly arched brows, the shape isn’t necessarily the best for everyone.

"If you have a really long chin, then you don’t want a high arch or it lengthens the face more," he says about ensuring the shape of the brow suits and complements the shape of the face. "If you have a sharp face, you don’t want a sharp brow."

Overall, Roberts insists that full brows are here to stay (for awhile at least) and those pin-thin grunge era eyebrows aren’t coming back around anytime soon (thank goodness).

"Brows will stay full for a little while, but ultimately we are going back to glamour," claims Roberts of the next big trend. "Look at Charlize Theron, they’re more defined — still full, but defined; they are the most important feature on the face, they change everything."