Target Sells Out of Lilly Pulitzer Collection, Capitalist Consumers Resell Pieces for Profit

Lily For Target - S 2014

Lily For Target - S 2014

The latest installment of the Target Designer Collaboration Saga: Women in Pearls and the Battle for the Printed Pink Tote.

"Shocking!" said no one upon hearing that most of the Lilly Pulitzer for Target collaboration had sold out in minutes on Target's website and in most stores across the country. 

What was shocking, however, was that given Target's previous experiences with high web traffic (remember back in 2011 when the Missoni for Target debut crashed its site?) technical issues caused by an influx of pearl-clad shoppers hovering over their keyboards in eager anticipation of snatching up a flamingo-printed tote bag still caused problems for the launch of one of the retailer's most highly anticipated collaborations to date.

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During the collection's early Sunday morning web debut (promoted as "Pink Sunday"), Target's website was down off and on throughout the wee morning hours despite their site preparation and attempts to limit the number of shoppers with access to the collection at one time. Target spokesman Joshua Thomas told Fortune that the technical difficulties led to "inconsistent customer experiences" — which made for some very angry shoppers (including Kristin Davis) who had their checkout process interrupted by the glitches. 

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At the physical stores, "Black Friday-like lines" were seen in places like East Harlem in New York and Richmond, Va., where Lilly Pulitzer merchandise is especially popular. 

Because it is a limited collection, Target will not be replenishing the line. However, if your desire for the colorful Palm Beach-inspired merch is absolutely insatiable, pieces have already begun popping up on resale sites like eBay — but for double or triple retail price. At such extreme markups, one could also buy actual, full-price Lilly Pulitzer goods, but where's the fun in that?