Target and SoulCycle Want You to Sweat in Style

Soul Cycle - H 2016
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The pair has teamed up for a new collab as well as a 10-city tour.

If there’s one thing fit celebrities love more than being fit, it’s showing off their fit routines on Instagram. The workout regimen that stars such as Khloe Kardashian and Lucy Hale have in common? SoulCycle, the 45-minute studio sweat session whose name often evokes thoughts of pressed juice, Lululemon and toned, Valencia-filtered abs.

But now, thanks to Target, SoulCycle is getting a bit more mainstream. Both companies have joined forces for a new partnership which will bring the L.A. fitness fad to 10 different cities, including Houston, Seattle, Miami and Nashville, over the course of four weeks. This latest collab is definitely a 180 from Target's most recent high-fashion lines from the likes of Philip Lim and Lily Pulitzer.

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Each city’s three-day tour stop, which begins Jan. 22 and ends Feb. 14, will feature six free (!), 40-bike classes per day, and you can reserve your spot online one week in advance. Considering classes usually ring in at $34 per session, this is a pretty sweet deal.

In addition, Target has launched an exclusive four-piece line of sweat-ready SoulCycle x Target apparel ($29-$49), so, regardless of whether you keep that New Year’s resolution to “get in shape,” you can at least give off the illusion that you made an effort. It's all about appearances, after all. 


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