Tavi Gevinson Teaches Jimmy Fallon to Do the Teenage Girl 'Bitch Face' (Video)

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The fashion prodigy, who started covering the collections at age 13, was a muse for Rodarte's Target line, has been named a Vogueista by "Italian Vogue" and was profiled in "The New Yorker."

Teenage fashion blogger Tavi Gevinson is launching her new book, Rookie Yearbook One, based on the Rookie Mag she launched a year ago about -- not just the New York  fashion collections -- but also culture, art and feminism.

So naturally, Gevinson is launching her book during the final week of the shows, when all the A-list designers are showing their wares. And where she has blogged since she was fourteen on her Style Rookie blog, which she started when she was only 11. 

Kicking off her promotional tour, the 16-year-old appeared on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon Tuesday night. Even though it was her first time on the program, she handled all the questions with aplomb and typical teen wit. For instance, when asked where she grew up, Gevinson replied, "I am still growing up outside Chicago." 

Jimmy Fallon flipped through her book and focused on the pages that demonstrate how to make several teenage "bitch faces." There's the fingers-to-temple face, the hands over nose face and the sideways glance version, which Fallon perfected.

Admiringly, Gevinson admitted, "Whoa, you are a teenage girl."

Her book is being formally launched Wednesday night with a big fashion bash at the Ace Hotel for all her fans in and out of the fashion industry. Surely the New Yorker and the New York Times, which have already profiled the fashion prodigy, will have reporters there.

The Hollywood Reporter has a camera crew following Gevinson around the soiree, as well. (To have covered fashion shows since she was 13 makes her pretty impressive in our minds.)

We'd rather hear a 16-year-old's fresh and honest opinions on the latest trends than some jaded magazine editors', who are afraid to offend designers for fear of losing advertisments, any day. Wouldn't you?