Tavi Gevinson Stars in Clinique's New Campaign

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Tavi Gevinson

The blogger-actress is part of the beauty brand's 3-Step Millennial #FaceForward campaign.

Multi-hypenate Tavi Gevinson is a woman of many talents. She started the popular fashion blog Style Rookie at age 12, later founded Rookie magazine, interviewed famous pals Miley Cyrus and Taylor Swift for cover stories, and started an acting career on the big screen (Enough Said) and on Broadway (starring alongside Michael Cera in This Is Our Youth). Now the 19-year-old has another title to add to her already impressive resume: Ambassador of Clinique's new #FaceForward ad.

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Gevinson — who was first introduced to Clinique through a makeup artist at a photo shoot — stars in a 30-second video for Clinique's 3-step millennial campaign, which promotes the beauty brand's Liquid Facial Soap ($17), Clarifying Lotion ($13.50) and Dramatically Different Moisturizing Lotion+ ($26; "the yellow lotion," as she refers to it). In addition to the lotion, Gevinson counts the label's foundation, black mascara and Chubby Stick lipstick as part of her regular beauty routine.

While the Chicago native shares that her approach to fashion and makeup used to be inspired by theatrical films and designers, all that has changed.

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"Now my style is a little more basic and pared down — I just want to put things on my face that make me feel put together, and wear a comfortable white button-down," she says. "Sometimes fashion is my outlet, but it's nice to just wear the stuff that makes you feel good, so then you can go about your day and put your energy into making other cool stuff."

As for what makes the teen phenom feel confident, she says it's "when I've made something I'm really proud of."

"The things that you do for yourself just to feel more creative or more open-minded — they make me feel like a more confident or a more complete human," explains Gevinson, adding that she has come to see beauty as embracing yourself rather than trying to be a perfectionist.

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"I realize that the things I find beautiful are the things that are weird," she says. "Then I know I don't have to be perfect, or gorgeous, or pretty. I just have to be the same kind of thing that would make me excited about being a human. That's just being yourself, and it's great."

Check out Gevinson's video campaign for Clinique below.