Taylor Kitsch Explains Why His Jeans Needed 'the Crotch Elongated' (Video)

Watch Taylor's "Normal Heart" pals Jim Parsons. Matt Bomer and Mark Ruffalo react, incredulously, in this exclusive video.

Taylor Kitsch fell in love on the set of HBO's The Normal Heart —with a pair of 1980 Calvin Klein jeans.

The jeans' key attribute? They accentuated his — ahem — crotch quite nicely.

"I'm not flattering myself, but they had to get the crotch elongated," Kitsch said, moving his hands farther and farther apart to demonstrate.

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"You just flattered yourself, there's no two ways about it," protested Normal Heart co-star Jim Parsons. "The first time you walked off the set in those jeans, I went, 'What brand are those?' And he goes, 'Don't worry about it.' "

Added Mark Ruffalo with a laugh: "Those are amazing!"

Kitsch said he wore the jeans "as many times as they let me," adding that he and director Ryan Murphy had "mini-battles" over how often the pants could appear in the film.

Kitsch and his co-stars, including Matt Bomer, grace the cover of the April 18 issue of The Hollywood Reporter magazine, which chronicles the 30-year struggle to get the AIDS drama made. (Read the cover story here.) The stars were photographed by Austin Hargrave on March 5 at Hotel Silverlake in Los Angeles.