Taylor Lautner 'Abduction' Premiere: What's Next for the 'Twilight' Actor (Video)

During an interview with THR, the actor, director John Singleton and Lionsgate Exec. Joe Drake talk future projects.

After more than three years of playing uber popular werewolf Jacob Black in The Twilight Saga, Taylor Lautner takes on his first action hero role in the Lionsgate thriller, Abduction.

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The Twihards will undoubtedly show their support at the film's Sept. 23 opening, but the question remains whether the actor's latest role will catapult him to leading man status.

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The Hollywood Reporter caught up with Lautner at the Abduction Hollywood premiere, where the actor discussed his next move.

"My dream is to continue to challenge myself in a wide variety for roles and genres," he told THR on the red carpet. "That's why I love this so much. It's different than anything I've ever done before and next I look forward to doing something different as well."

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Lautner made headlines for his turn as Kevin Costner's son in a Funny or Die sequel to the 1989 classic, Field of Dreams (which was released a full three years prior to Lautner's birth). In addition to a hosting gig on Saturday Night Live, the clip prompted many to wonder whether the actor would be pursuing a comedic role for his next project.

"I'm always open for a great comedy," he admitted. "I just like having fun and with comedy -- so like, Valentine's Day, Funny or Die, SNL -- I just go out there and be myself and have fun."

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Still, the actor's comedy dreams may need to wait, as Abduction director John Singleton and Lionsgate exec Joe Drake both tell THR that their Jason Bourne-like thriller may turn into a multi-picture series.

"I know that Taylor and Lionsgate would both like to see this become a big franchise," Drake, president of Lionsgate, told THR. "We think it's our Bourne."

Added Singleton, "I think we're gonna get at least 2 or 3 movies out of this."

Singleton was also quick to note that he and Lautner discussed a potential future in comedy, saying, "privately, he and I have said -- he really wants to do something really funny."

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Lautner will finish out his Twilight duties as the first half of the series finale, Breaking Dawn Part 1, hits theaters Nov. 18. Part 2 is slated for a Nov. 16, 2012 debut.