Taylor Lautner: Another 'Abduction' Still Released

The “Breaking Dawn” actor will have his first leading-man role in the action thriller.

The slow trickling out of Taylor Lautner images and trailers from Liongate’s action-thriller Abduction, is most likely enough to satisfy his fans until its September 23 release.
On July 29, an image of the Twilight star sitting at a desk, holding a piece of paper was released. This Friday, another image of Lautner, wearing the same hunter green shirt, was released. This time, he’s leaning against a wall.

PHOTO: Taylor Lautner: New 'Abduction' Still Released
In the John Singleton film, Lautner’s character, Nathan, discovers that he was kidnapped as a child and raised by people who were not his real parents. Nathan then sets out to unfold the mystery of his identity.
Abduction will be the first film Lautner will carry as a solo leading man. Lily Collins, Alfred Molina and Sigourney Weaver also star in the film.