Taylor Lautner’s ‘Abduction': What the Moviegoers Are Saying


"Best movie of all time," declares one fan, while another claims the action-thriller "was so predictable I was speaking the lines along with the actors."

Moviegoers got their first look at Taylor Lautner as a solo leading man in Abduction on Friday night.

In the Lionsgate action-thriller, the Twilight star plays a teenager who finds out he was kidnapped as a child after his picture shows up on a missing-persons website. Lily Collins, Alfred Molina, Sigourney Weaver, Jason Isaacs and Maria Bello also star.

PHOTOS: 'Abduction' Red Carpet Premiere

Critics haven’t been kind to the movie. The Hollywood Reporter's chief film critic Todd McCarthy writes that Lautner "holds his own" with the veteran cast, but the “increasingly far-fetched” film "lets [him] down." Still others were less impressed with Lautner’s acting and called the dialogue unintentionally hilarious.

But what are the moviegoers saying about the film? Several who saw the movie took to Twitter to share their reactions, which seem to be mixed so far.

PHOTOS: 'Abduction': Taylor Lautner and Lily Collins on the Run

Among those who enjoyed the film:

~cyrus, destiny*
I'm still thinking about #abduction sp glad I went to see it, once #teamjacob always ;)

watch abduction best movie of all time

Brittney Crocker
i loved going to the movies yesterday! i watched abduction…

Azri Azrullah
Abduction has full of suspense! Great movie!

VIDEO: 'Abduction' Red Carpet Premiere 

Esther Chin
Wow abduction is good ! Surprisingly . Better than the stupid fright night !! 8/10 !! Must watch

Jorden Jolley
#abduction was good

Abduction was AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Renzo Quiza
Abduction is so so so so cool!

Antonique Smith
And definitely go see Abduction, in theaters now!!!!!! :) xoxo

VIDEO: 'Abduction's' Taylor Lautner is 'Like a Young Tom Cruise' Says Studio Exec

Markki Stroem
Watching "abduction" now. Its actually an alright movie. Even though i woulda prefered to watch "horrible bosses".

Among those who were underwhelmed:

Andie Sullivan♡
Too bad abduction was horrible. Laughed the whole time.

Kevin Panuelos
Abduction was so predictable I was speaking the lines along with the actors.

VIDEO: Taylor Lautner Gets Chased Down, Shot at in New 'Abduction' Trailer 

Still others apparently had no interest in seeing the movie at all:

cant wait to see abduction. oh wait.. im a man. yeah im not gonna see abduction.

Shadow And Act
Early weekend box office... #1 MONEYBALL, #2 LION KING, #3 DOLPHIN TALE, #4 ABDUCTION << hopefully that kills the "franchise" idea.

Christopher Taber
Abduction looks like it should be called "Fisher Price My First Action Thriller" for ages 2 to 6.

The OTHER Calliope
Not surprised with the Abduction reviews at. all. Geez! The trailers were painful enough to watch and those are only 2min. long!