Taylor Lautner On Set: 'Abduction' Co-Stars Weigh in

Robyn Beck/AFP/Getty Images

Sigourney Weaver, Jason Isaacs and director John Singleton sing the young actor’s praises at the film’s Hollywood premiere.

While Taylor Lautner has earned countless fans and admirers through his role in The Twilight Saga, he will attempt to show the world a new side of himself in the Lionsgate action-thriller, Abduction.

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The Hollywood Reporter spoke with the 19-year-old’s co-stars at the film’s Hollywood premiere, who detailed the commotion surrounding their Pittsburgh set and how Lautner adjusted to his new role of leading man. 

“First of all, let me explain the pandemonium that Taylor has: He has like three to four hundred fans coming out each and every day, showing up with posters, showing him love, showing us all love,” said Denzel Whitaker. “But the cool thing about it is that he supports his fans, he loves them. He’s real humble about it. Hollywood hasn’t gotten to him, that’s the type of dude he is. Working with Taylor, it’s just like working with anybody else. We got along well, we were chillin’, having a good time, playing football in-between. It was good.”

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“To me, he’s a young actor taking on a bigger challenge,” noted Sigourney Weaver. “Which he certainly seemed to meet at every opportunity when I was there.”

“He was incredibly lovely,” added Jason Isaacs. “I'll confess that I was worried, because I worked with all those lovely Potter young actors. They're very humble and courteous, and this is different. This is America. But he turned out to be very, very gracious and incredibly hard working."

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“He’s just got so much phenomenal energy about him and without doing much. A lot of actors have to do a whole lot to really hold the attention of an audience. But he doesn’t have to do very much,” touted director John Singleton. “I always say if I can watch an actor and see right through them, then they’re not holding my attention. Taylor is not like that.”

“He’s a sweetheart. He’s a really, really nice guy,” gushed Antonique Smith, before likening Lautner to a young Tom Cruise.

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Lionsgate president of motion pictures, Joe Drake, echoed Smith’s observation.

“When you watch Taylor, he’s like a young Tom Cruise. The way he handles his business, he’s such a pro and he’s got such a huge fanbase,” said Drake. “I’ve just never seen anybody handle his business the way he does. He’s been promoting this movie hard, he knows how to sell, he’s a hell of an actor.”

Abduction opens nationwide on Friday, Sept. 23.