Taylor Lautner: U.K. TV Writers Get Away With More Than? U.S. Scribes

Taylor Lautner

Lautner's business manager Feinstein says he doesn't mind being screamed at by clients when he tells them not to buy expensive cars.

The "Twilight" star, appearing in the upcoming second season of BBC sitcom "Cuckoo," talks about swearing on TV, shooting a scene in moving traffic and why his part in the comedy is unlike his past roles.

LONDON — Ahead of Thursday's second-season premiere of BBC sitcom Cuckoo, the show's new star Taylor Lautner has admitted that working in the U.K. has allowed him to swear onscreen much more than at home.

"The writers were getting away with lots that we couldn't do in America," the Twilight star told The Daily Star, a local newspaper. "I was very surprised, but it is one of the things that I enjoyed about it."

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Lautner replaces Andy Samberg, who helped the first season of Cuckoo break BBC Three ratings records but was unavailable to return due to commitments on Brooklyn Nine-Nine. Samberg's character was killed off in the family comedy mid-season, with Lautner coming on board as a long-lost son.

"My goal following the Twilight franchise was to challenge myself with a wide range of roles and genres," he told the Radio Times magazine, adding that Cuckoo was unlike anything he'd done before.

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Lautner has previously worked on U.S. TV shows such as The Bernie Mac Show and My Wife and Kids. Comparing working in the U.K. to the U.S., Lautner described a scene in which his character stepped into moving traffic. "We didn't even talk about how we were gonna do the scene. If I was making Cuckoo in the states, we would have had to rehearse it 5,000 times, hire 10 stunt drivers, and I would have had to maintain a 10-foot distance between me and the cars," he said.