Taylor Lautner's 5 Funniest 'Abduction' Interview Moments (Video)

Robyn Beck/AFP/Getty Images

THR’s picks for the most hilarious moments of the actor’s recent press tour.

The public has seen more of Taylor Lautner in the last few weeks, than we have in years – courtesy of his newest movie, Abduction, which releases Friday. In our exhaustive pursuit to bring you the best entertainment news, we’ve watched a lot of the star’s appearances. So, we’ve decided to give you our picks for the funniest moments of Lautner’s recent press tour.

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Here are Lautner’s five funniest Abduction interview moments:
1. Do you know who Taylor Lautner is? 106 & Park’s Rocsi asks Lautner about “Breaking The Dawn” (sic) and then about the next Twilight movie and the star handles her horrible research mistake like a champ -- but still awk-ward. [1:06 in]
2. The View as a second language: On the Late Show with David Letterman, Lautner said he had done the Spanish version of The View with his limited understanding of the language. But, the best part is when he admits that he barely understands the English version of The View. We relate. [8:16 in]

3. Ann Curry is no cougar: Aside from joking about the perils of being a heartthrob, and mentioning Brad Pitt loved him as Sharkboy, the Today host snuck in something at the very end of the interview. She tells him to keep his shirt on.

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4. Taylor loves (and we mean loves) animals: On Live with Regis and Kelly, Lautner shares his very close encounters with wildlife. [1:40 in]

5. He is a cougar: As we said above, we’ve watched a lot of interviews with the star. So, when we came across this one with Cleveland’s Chris Van Vliet, we had to include this moment. Van Vliet jokes about Lautner being shirtless in his movies and then about him getting shirtless at that very moment. Appearing a bit agitated by the line of questioning, Lautner shuts him down. [2:05 in]