Taylor Swift: A Look at 'Lover,' Her Bold New Stance, 'Cats' and What Might Be Next

Could she be the next big-screen Lady Gaga?

As she prepares for today's live stream for her bold new album Lover, it's clear that Taylor Swift's whirlwind 2019 is showing no signs of calming down.

The Hollywood Reporter News and Billboard News go inside the queen of pop's roller-coaster year and her new public stance on LGBTQ issues and address the burning question: Could Cats put her on the same track as Lady Gaga, who stunned audiences in A Star Is Born?

"I think this is a big movie for Taylor Swift because it could bring her to a new audience that doesn't know her from her music, and it will be a stepping stone, if it's successful, into more substantive roles," said The Hollywood Reporter's editorial director, Matthew Belloni.

While Swift already has a few acting roles under her belt, including roles in Valentine's Day and The Giver, Cats marks a major step up for the pop star. But could the success of Cats put Taylor on the road to following in Lady Gaga's footsteps?

Billboard's senior director of charts Keith Caulfield explained: "Artists like Madonna and Lady Gaga transitioned from being pop-superstar diva to big-screen diva and that worked. It worked in a lot of ways for both of them. Obviously it worked gangbusters for Gaga." Gaga received an Oscar nomination for best actress for her role in A Star Is Born.

"To become a star on the level of real movie stars, you've got to do something surprising," Belloni said. "If she wants to be taken seriously as an actor, she needs to do something outside of her comfort zone and really surprise people and say, 'Wow, this is something that we would not have expected from Taylor Swift.' Something where you really just go for it, and if you succeed, people will really reward you for it."

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