Taylor Swift Alleged Nude Photo Scandal Draws Strong Reactions

Cindy Ord/Getty Images

The country singer denies that the photo is her, and has threatened to sue the website if it is not taken down.

When news spread that there were alleged nude photos of country singer Taylor Swift on the internet, fans were surprised that the seemingly wholesome singer would be involved in such a scandal. Swift’s camp, however, has stated that the leaked photos are not of Swift, and have threatened to sue the website, Celeb Jihad, for trademark infringement if the "leaked" photo is not taken down.

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Many weighed in on Twitter about the alleged photos of Swift, 21. Many felt that the images were not her, while others wondered why she was so determined to get them removed if they were not really of her.

Marvin Flerin: “So Taylor Swift says the nude picture posted is not her! If its not you why say the picture must me removed or else.”

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Tabitha: “I wish people would shut up that picture leaked is NOT of Taylor Swift. She would never do that, she's an actual rolemodel & good girl.”

James: “Was probably a Nude pic of KEsha without her glitter on so people easily made the mistake it was Taylor Swift.”

Courtney Clifford: “Yeah the "leaked photo" of Taylor Swift is definitely not her..anyone with half a brain can see that.”

Emily: "Who would have guessed Taylor Swift to be the next celebrity with leaked nudes"

Jazz: "Taylor Swift needs to send a thank you card &flowers to Kim K. B/c of the divorce no one is talking about her "private pics" being leaked."

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Michael Hannah: “I'm pretty sure this leaked picture is truly Taylor Swift, and she's just trying to save face.”

“Funny Taylor can bash people through songs and videos, but when the tables are turned she sues. She's such a baby,” wrote Joetallarigo2005 on The Hollywood Reporter’s site.

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Amanda Lauren
: “Just heard this ... wtf.. whoever put up those photos of taylor swift "topless" should take them down because you know it's NOT HER!!”

: : "That leaked topless pic of Taylor Swift is so obvs not her. >.> The only thing that resembles her is the hair.”

Brianna Danielle: “i can't believe a dumb gossip site is claiming they have a leaked naked pic of taylor swift.dont do that to her..she's classy!”