Taylor Swift Rocks Out to The Darkness in Latest Apple Music Ad

Taylor Swift Met Gala H
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Taylor Swift Met Gala H

The singer's latest ad for the company finds her lip-synching and dancing to 2003's "I Believe in a Thing Called Love."

She's tripped and slipped to Drake, gotten her inner emo on to Jimmy Eat World and, in her latest Apple Music ad, Taylor Swift gets seriously metal to a hit from English rockers The Darkness. Cueing up her "Friday Night Rocks" playlist, Swift rocks out to the band's bombastic 2003 breakthrough hit, "I Believe in a Thing Called Love." 

Wearing black jeans and a blazer over a red crop top, Swift jokes, "Ah, I love a quiet night at home" before the song's classic rock guitar and drums drop in and she proceeds to do an over-the-top lip-sync showcase, dramatically dropping to her knees, banging her head and generally losing her mind to the pop metal classic.

Watch the commercial below.

This story first appeared on Billboard.