"The Old Taylor" May Be Dead But the New Taylor Swift Still Loves Sparkle

Taylor Swift End Game Music Video - Screenshot - H 2018

If she likes it then she's gonna put some sequins on it.

As the music videos for Taylor Swift's reputation singles continue to roll out, we've begun to wonder, has the Old Taylor really died? 

She may have shed a bit of her pop-timistic sound and edged up her onstage wardrobe, marching around in lace-up combat boots, dolphin-hem running shorts and oversize hoodies, but the New Taylor can't seem to leave one thing behind from her Good Girl Pop Princess past: sequins. 

Her love for all things shiny and shimmery is a well-documented affair — starting with her self-deprecating 2013 SNL monologue, where she sang, "I like glitter and sparkly dresses," up to her 1989 World Tour, when she wore a sequined bomber jacket by Jaded London, a sequined romper, a sequined mini-dress, etc. Unlike her very public romances, her relationship with glitter is going strong even five years later.

In the video for "End Game," which sees the 27-year-old partying her way across three continents, meeting collaborators Future and Ed Sheeran along the way, Swift updates her past style staples (crop tops of the 1989 era, mini-dresses of the Red age, and now, for reputation, hoodies) with blinding shimmer. 


#reputation is out. Let the games begin.

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A sequined long-sleeve emerald crop top and an Ashish rainbow sequin striped dress (which is also featured in the album's promotional material) rounded out her London wardrobe, while a black hoodie sequined dress gave her Miami look a bit of an edge. For Tokyo, she chose a pair of over-the-knee metallic gold sequined Giuseppe Zanotti boots and a beaded Amen dress paired with a Muppet-esque electric blue Diane von Furstenberg coat. 

But the video wasn't all sparkle and sake (or whiskey or beer — seriously, who knew self-proclaimed Homebody/Cat Person Swift could hang?). There were a few glimpses of the New Taylor, who opted for a leather tank and matching harem pants, as well as cargo trousers and a Miu Miu military jacket (crystal-embellished, of course) — all of which contributed to a more combatant, don't-f*ck-with-me vibe. 

An interesting twist, perhaps, was Swift's take on bathleisure. The decidedly non-sparkly taupe bathrobe, which the singer wore while hanging out in a massive walk-in closet, as one does, was a 180 from the rest of the video, but one that Rita Ora and Rihanna — both of whom have taken to wearing towels in public — would surely approve of. 

Watch the full video below: