Taylor Swift Beats Kim Kardashian at Instagram-Followers Game

Taylor Swift and Kim Kardashian Split - H 2015

Maybe it has something to do with her squad?

Once again, there’s a new queen in town, and this time it’s not Beyonce or Kim Kardashian. Taylor Swift has bested her fellow social media stars in the Instagram department, clocking in post-Labor Day with 45.5 million followers, making her the most followed person on the app.

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It was just recently that Kardashian managed to steal the title from Queen Bey herself, but she only held it for a short time. Her latest efforts have been strong: posing with Kanye West at a pal’s wedding and a snap of sipping tea with Serena Williams, but they can’t stand up to Swift’s dominance. It seems it might be time for the selfie-obsessed star to get herself a squad.

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For her part, it seems Swift’s secret may be a blend of adorable cat photos (her most recent had 1.9 million likes, whereas Kardashian’s post with Williams was in the 675K range), sweater selfies, shots of her super-famous squad and, ironically, flowers sent to her by West himself — that picture got 2.4 million likes. It very well may have been Kardashian’s own hubby who tipped the balance. So, does this mean war?