Taylor Swift Debuts 'Ours' Music Video Featuring Zach Gilford (Video)

Frederick Breedon IV/FilmMagic/Getty Images

The "Friday Night Lights" star plays Swift's long-distance love interest in the new clip.

What would Taylor Swift’s life be like if she never became a world famous singer? Maybe a little bit like the first minute of her new music video for “Ours.”

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The singer can be seen boarding an elevator in an office building with a bunch of other over-worked office workers, and then slowly walking to her office cubicle. She suffers through the challenges of dealing with obnoxious cubicle mates and copy machines that are out of paper.

But then, she stares lovingly at a post-it note, and watches sweet videos of her and her love interest (played by Friday Night Lights star Zach Gilford) on her work computer.

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Swift then rushes out of the office and to the bus, where she watches more endearing home videos of her long distance lover. The video ends with her meeting up with her man, who is dressed in military fatigues.

FNL star Gilford has been enjoying his own real-life romance. The actor recently got engaged to his long-time girlfriend, The Glades actress Kiele Sanchez.

“Ours” was the bonus track off of Swift’s Speak Now album. Swift recently performed the song at the CMA Awards, where she won the top honor of Entertainer of the Year.

Watch the video below: