Taylor Swift the Teletubby Wins Halloween

Taylor Swift- H 2015
Photo by Jordan Strauss/Invision/AP

In case you missed it.

We all appreciate a good old celebrity #TBT (Stars! Before they were famous!), but especially during the holidays, our favorite entertainers often bust out their best, most embarrassing photos of themed parties and costumes gone awry.

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In honor of Halloween, Taylor Swift Instagrammed a black-and-white photo of her baby-faced self dressed as Laa-Laa, who, for those unfamiliar, was the yellow Teletubby on the uber-popular TV show of the same name. (Not to be confused with her pals, Tinky-Winky, Dipsy and Po.)

Swift captioned the photo, "When you dress as the yellow teletubby for Halloween, but it's before Teletubbies got huge so all the kids at school ask you why you're dressed as a yellow pregnant alien."

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There you have it: Taylor Swift liked Teletubbies before they were cool — further proof that, even from a young age, the singer recognized a good thing when she saw it.


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