Taylor Swift Wears Harness to Lunch, Defends Outfit Choice on Tumblr

Eric Jamison/Invision/AP
Taylor Swift

She's just preparing for a spontaneous adventure, OK?

On a recent lunch outing with gal pal Selena Gomez — who makes up roughly 1/16 of her notorious girl squad — Taylor Swift took a sartorial risk, sporting a Free People fashion harness over a black "This is My Fight Song" tank, which she paired with a Louis Vuitton studded satchel and olive green shorts. 

After spotting her photo on Tumblr, where fans questioned both her taste in accessories and even whether she was wearing the harness correctly (posting a photo of a different harness as reference), Swift responded with a full explanation for sporting the leather piece.

"I think you’re ignoring a really important point here… That my harness and I are always ready for a zip line/rock climbing. Ask yourself.. Are you ready for extreme adventure should it present itself? HARNESS LIFE 2015," wrote Swift. See guys? She's just being practical.

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As for those accusations that she was wearing the harness "backwards," Swift gave the following statement via hashtag: #THAT ISN'T THE SAME ONE BTW #AND IT'S NOT BACKWARDS #CHECK FREE PEOPLE DOT COM BYE

Lesson learned: Don't mess with T. Swift's style, or you will encounter Sassy Swift.