Taylor Swift Wishes She Could Raid Blake Lively's Closet

Courtesy of Vogue.com
Taylor Swift

Don't we all?

Stars: They're just like us. For proof, look no further than Vogue's May cover star Taylor Swift's new 73 Questions video, which debuted Tuesday.

Inviting the magazine into her swanky Beverly Hills abode (where VMA awards are casually used as kitchen decor), the pop icon gets candid on a wide range of topics, from her music career to her friends. Things we learned from Swift include the fact that a dolphin is her spirit animal ("because they're very social and they travel in groups"), she can't do a cartwheel or a handstand, her favorite fashion trend is "high-waisted stuff" and she wishes she could raid Blake Lively's closet.

Swift also is convinced she has the greatest pals in the world ("I'm pleasantly surprised that I tell my friends absolutely everything and it never ends up getting out") and her tip for aspiring singers is to "get a lawyer."

The interview does have a few serious moments, especially when Swift is asked what she would say to her 19-year-old self. "I'd just say, 'Hey, you’re going to date just like a normal 20-something should be allowed to, but you're going to be a national lightning rod for slut shaming,'" says the artist, who has been often criticized in the media for her dating life (she's currently in a relationship with fellow musician Calvin Harris).

But when asked about her Met Ball ensemble, Swift was pretty tight-lipped. "I'm going to be dressed as a robot and I am going to carry a sword," she jokes.

The one thing she's always wanted to try but been too afraid to do? "Coachella," she groans. Looks like she knocked that one off the list last weekend. Go, T. Swift!

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