TCA: 'Breaking In's' Adam F. Goldberg Dream Casts his 'Wonder Years'-Style Comedy

Adam F. Goldberg
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He's that rare talent adept at writing for film ("Fanboys"), TV ("Still Standing") and animation (the forthcoming short-film sequel to "How to Train Your Dragon" on DVD), but it's Goldberg's first show-business foray that fills him with a more esteemed pride.

Adam Sandler and former "Talk" host Leah Remini are among his choices for his 1980s autobiographical comedy currently in development at Fox.

In the months between his Breaking In's cancellation and revival, creator Adam F. Goldberg focused his attention on an autobiographical comedy currently in development at Fox.

After digitizing 300 tapes featuring his own dysfunctional family's squabbles, Goldberg pulled together a three-minute trailer that Fox brass bought in the room. "They really think they can have another Malcolm [in the Middle]," he tells The Hollywood Reporter of Fox's enthusiasm, with his own clearly on display.

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"And my favorite show of all time is the Wonder Years, so this is my chance to go do a Wonder Years," he added, noting that he has plans to incorporate a Kevin Arnold-esque voiceover.

Among the appeals of the loosely defined 1980s project: the relatability of a family that yells often but ultimately loves each other. "Fox thought that that was a universal thing that hasn't really been seen on TV," he said, "because family shows tend to be watered down and pleasant."

Goldberg has already given thought to casting and has been thrilled with the responses he's received to the trailer that's currently being sent out to actors. Already, Tobey Maguire has responded, suggesting that he'd like to do the voice-over role. Goldberg says he'd love to get it over to its Happy Madison producer Adam Sandler and "see if he could do it."

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He's personally gunning for the former Talk host Leah Remini for the part of the mother. "When I've watched her, I've always thought she kind of reminds me of my mom," he said, adding: "she's loud and angry, but there's something warm there."

As for the part of him, Goldberg has not yet decided on a young actor who would make sense. The part, after all, is that of a 10-year-old.

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