TCA: AMC Executive Addresses When Rosie Larsen's Murderer will be Revealed on 'The Killing'

"The Killing" (AMC)
Carole Segal

The year's strangest and most addictive new series has critics aflutter and AMC's prestige factor heating up as the network preps for its first year with two contenders.

Joel Stillerman apologizes once again for mismanaging expectations, confirming that Larsen's killer will be revealed at the end of "The Killing's" season two.

AMC's head of original programming Joel Stillerman took the stage Saturday to apologize once again for mismanaging expectations on last year's break-out hit, The Killing.

"We learned a lot," he told members of the Television Critics Association, adding that he can confirm reports that the killer will be revealed in the show's second season finale just as it was in the original Danish version.

The series, which stars Mireille Enos and Billy Campbell, lured viewers into a mystery centered on the death of teenager Rosie Larsen with suspicion falling on the slick politician (Campbell) and her parents (Michelle Forbes and Brent Sexton). The show’s tagline --“Who killed Rosie Larsen?”-- suggested viewers would get their answer, which explains why they were outraged when the final episode ended on a cliffhanger.

Stillerman acknowledged Saturday afternoon that he and his team took that viewer and critic criticism to heart, and revealed that the network explored the idea of veering away from the Danish template so that the U.S. iteration could solve the murder earlier in the season -- which kicks off on April 1.

"But at the end of the day and after some significant discussion," Stillerman continued, "we've decided that in order to do justice to the story that we fell in love with in the first place -- a very multi-layered complex story -- we're resolving the murder at the end of season two was the best creative plan."