TDC presses 'Play' on unlimited download offering


Danish telecom TDC has unveiled a new service, "Play," which enables its broadband and mobile customers unlimited access to roughly one million tracks from over 30 labels, including three of the four majors.

Play started at one minute past midnight, with content licensed from EMI, Sony BMG and Warner, and dozens of independents. Universal Music is reportedly in talks on a deal with TDC.

The industry has welcomed the development. "We look upon this positively," says IFPI Denmark marketing director Jesper Bay. "It's a step in the right direction toward finding a solution that can make all parties satisfied."

TDC's broadband and mobile customers can download as many tracks as they like, but they won't be able to keep the files if their subscription expires or is canceled.

The DRM-protected tracks can't be burned to CD, converted to MP3 or transferred to other devices. TDC will also offer individual downloads to purchase for Danish Krone 8 ($1.67).

"Today it is not enough just to offer a smart cell phone or a fast broadband access line," comments Jens Alder, president/CEO of TDC, in a statement. "Therefore, we are investing in making music available to our customers, and we believe that we will benefit from it financially and get more satisfied customers."

Although the model for bundling-in unlimited music with broadband subscriptions is nothing new, this is the first time its been done across both broadband and mobile.

The Play service has been developed and powered by B2B technology company 24/7 Entertainment.