TDI working in Reel-Time


Technicolor Digital Intermediates is introducing a service called Reel-Time Filmouts, which the company believes has the potential to save filmmakers time and money.

The service is based around the first two Cinevator real-time 2K film recorders -- manufactured by Norway-based Cinevation -- to be deployed in the U.S. Technicolor has quietly been refining the recorders while fitting them into the company's workflow.

Technicolor Content Services president Ahmad Ouri estimates that on many current models of film recorders, a 20-minute reel in 2K might typically take 15-18 hours to filmout, but with the Cinevator, this might be done in closer to 30 minutes.

The Cinevator can record out to a negative stock or positive stock and can record an audio track and subtitles. "If you are sending a print to a film festival or (preview screening), that is a huge saving of time because you are making a direct to print, and it is not impacting production to stop and do a negative and then a print and track," vp theatrical production Steve Rundell said.

The Cinevator will co-exist at TDI with its Arri film recorders, which offer different features, including support for the emerging 4K resolution.

"(Reel-Time Filmouts) could be a new tool for low-budget films that need to economically get a film print quickly," Ouri said. "We identified the Cinevation company more than two years ago and saw potential there. We invested time and effort into getting this machine in a production-ready state. We also invested color science. We ensured that not just the speed but the quality is also there."