Technicolor Introduces Blu-Ray 3D Tools

In an effort to make 3D Blu-ray titles more creative and interactive, Technicolor is introducing Blu-ray 3D Java interactive tools and services. That includes 3D menus and a stereoscopic game for Blu-ray 3D.

“Today, the Blu-ray titles have had static menus, so very five years ago,” said Chuck Parker, president of Technicolor’s digital content delivery division. “You still wear 3D glasses, but the content hasn’t been interactive and exciting. This is a step in allowing content creators to get more creative and allow for a more interactive approach.”

The 3D Blu-Ray market kicked off at the Consumer Electronics Show in January, prompting the launch of players and titles to support the format.

The Blu-ray 3D Java technology was developed in-house by Technicolor’s research and innovation arm, and the game was produced by Technicolor’s production team in Burbank. The new services are now available and in use for the first, undisclosed studio clients.

Technicolor provides Blu-ray 3D services using its MVC compression tool, 3D authoring and programming with its proprietary BD-JIVE as well as its depth-analysis tool for 3D subtitles and graphics. Technicolor’s 3D design services have produced onscreen 3D graphics for Blu-ray Disc titles.