Technicolor Joins Content Search and Discovery Space With MediaNavi

The company also said it would offer support for UltraViolet, a cloud-based DRM system that would create a virtual library.

LAS VEGAS — Technicolor is entering the crowded space of content search and discovery with a new platform called MediaNavi.

“MediaNavi was developed to bring the real service power of networks to devices such as tablets, set top boxes and mobile devices, enabling consumers to discover new content, share their discovery with their social networks and consume content in a rich and immersive manner,” Technicolor CEO Frederic Rose said.

Technicolor said it would offer support for UltraViolet, the cloud-based digital-rights management system that would essentially create an online virtual library for each consumer.

At CES, Technicolor is introducing its technology to potential partners such as network-service providers and consumer electronics manufacturers, who would in turn customize the MediaNavi platform for their services.

Trials are set to begin in the spring.