Technicolor on the lot with Sony


Technicolor unveiled its first studio-based digital intermediate facility on Monday, which is set up on Sony Pictures' Culver City lot.

The facility, Technicolor's first on the Westside of Los Angeles, expands the company's DI reach to filmmakers wanting to stay on that side of town to do postproduction and film-finishing work and will be available for projects being finished at Sony's feature sound-mixing stages.

Located on the first three floors of Sony's newly rebuilt Stage 6, the facility will offer filmmakers a one-stop shop for finishing visual and audio mixes of their movies.

Gary Martin, president of production administration at Sony Pictures Entertainment, said the state-of-the-art facility will help filmmakers who face increasing time constraints to complete movies. "We can now finish our films entirely on the studio lot, with easy access to our soundstages, editing facilities, dubbing stages and scoring stage through completion," he said.

Following the facility's soft launch in the fall, the company has serviced such films as "The Holiday" and "Stomp the Yard."

The facility includes three new color-timing theaters based on specs developed during the past five years at Technicolor's flagship DI facility in Burbank. Along with Technicolor's Hollywood postproduction house, the three facilities will share talent and expertise and will be interconnected to share film-recording infrastructure via dark fiber.

Technicolor is a division of digital technology company Thomson.