Technicolor to put 3D in Marcus theaters

Film-based projection systems will be placed in 15 auditoriums.

ORLANDO -- Technicolor said Tuesday that it will place its film-based 3D projection system in 15 auditoriums operated by Marcus Theatres.

Unlike the more common digital 3D systems, Technicolor's 3D system uses a special projector lens and film prints.

Milwaukee-based Marcus operates 684 screens at 55 locations in Wisconsin, Illinois, Iowa, Minnesota, Nebraska, North Dakota and Ohio.

"Technicolor has been an outstanding partner to both distributors and exhibitors for almost a century, providing essential services and technology," Marcus president Bruce Olson said. "Now, once again, Technicolor is providing an inexpensive, alternative 3D solution to facilitate the installation and exhibition of 3D in theater locations not quite ready for digital."

Technicolor 3D is used on 300-plus domestic movie screens. The company recently expanded its marketing of the system into Europe.