Technicolor sets first film-3D deployment

Sells equipment to Mid-Atlantic exhibitor Bow Tie Cinemas

Technicolor said Monday that it has made its first sale of film-3D equipment, with Mid-Atlantic regional exhibitor Bow Tie Cinemas set to outfit 25 of its 150 screens with the systems.

Film-based 3D allows exhibitors to install 3D adapters on conventional 35mm projectors. A separate conversion from conventional movie screens to so-called silver screens still is required, just as with some digital-3D systems.

Hollywood-based Technicolor has been marketing a film-3D system as a lower-cost alternative to digital 3D, targeting smaller circuits and mom-and-pop exhibs.

New York-based Bow Tie operates 18 theaters in New York, Connecticut, Maryland, Virginia and Colorado.

Technicolor plans to outfit Bow Tie screens in time for two movies from studios agreeing to release in its film-3D format: DreamWorks Animation's "How to Train Your Dragon," set for release March 26 by Paramount, and "Clash of the Titans," due April 2 from Warner Bros.

"Our customers have resoundingly expressed their desire to see 3D films, and we have responded by making sure that top-quality 3D presentation will be a part of the moviegoing experience at every Bow Tie Cinema," company chief Ben Moss said.

Technicolor creative services president Joe Berchtold said the company's film-3D technology represents "a high-quality solution that addresses the 3D screen scarcity issue and allows exhibitors an affordable way to bridge the gap to digital."

Financial terms of the Bow Tie deal were not announced.