The French Senate has overwhelmingly voted for an Internet piracy law that directly contradicts European Parliament legislation. The Senate's "three strikes" or "graduated response" law would cut off Internet access to Web surfers who repeatedly download copyrighted films, music or video games without paying. That clashes with an amendment agreed to by Euro-MPs in September that outlaws Internet cutoff.


A new comScore study on U.S. mobile video consumption habits indicates a growing interest in longform content. While music videos remain a top drawer on the platform with 33% of the mobile broadcast video audience for a three-month period ending in August, full TV and film content finished a close second, ahead of movie trailers and comedy videos.

air force 'horror'

The U.S. Air Force has signed on as sole sponsor of the upcoming "Horror Meets Comedy" shortform series on Xbox Live. It recruits horror directors, including James Gunn, to try comedic shorts.