Ted Cruz Accidentally Elbows Wife Heidi in the Face After Indiana Loss

Ted Cruz - Getty - H 2016
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Ted Cruz - Getty - H 2016

She seemed to be OK.

Following the news that Ted Cruz dropped out of the GOP presidential race on Tuesday, video of the Texas senator accidentally hitting, then elbowing his wife in the face spread through social media like wildfire. 

Cruz dropped out of the race after being soundly defeated in Indiana at the hands of Donald Trump. 

At the end of his speech announcing he was done, Cruz went to hug some of those onstage beside him, which is when his wife got hit. 

Heidi appeared to be OK, and hugged Cruz back once she was clear of any limbs. 

In his victory speech, Trump commended Cruz multiple times of the toughness of his campaign and said the senator's future would be bright. 

This was a far different tone than the two men have had with each other over the past few months as they have been exchanging numerous insults in their race to the White House. 

In fact, Cruz even said on Tuesday, hours before the polls closed, that if Trump were elected, it would be a "Biff Tannen presidency," a reference to the villain in the Back to the Future trilogy.