Ted Cruz Depicted as 'Mockingjay' Rebellion Leader in L.A. Street Art

A collective of anonymous artists plastered Los Angeles — from downtown to the mid-Wilshire district — with posters and stickers of Mockingjay's rebellion bird to tout Cruz' presidential candidacy.

Donald Trump may be the lead choice of California Republicans, but Ted Cruz apparently still holds a special place in the hearts of Los Angeles’ conservative street artists.

Over the past few days, a collective of anonymous artists — responsible for the "Don't Say" signs at Hillary Clinton’s Brooklyn headquarters and the Maxine Waters "Poverty Pimp" poster — used the Mockingjay rebellion bird symbol to tout presidential candidate Cruz.

With the second Republican debate scheduled for Wednesday at the Reagan Library in Simi Valley, the artists have papered the city with pro-Cruz stickers and posters from downtown Los Angeles (at the Walt Disney Concert Hall) through Hollywood (where they plastered their Mockingjay rebellion bird on a series anti-Trump signs) and over to LACMA in the mid-Wilshire district.

One of the artists told The Hollywood Reporter that they wanted to tie the Mockingjay rebellion to Cruz and "the country's present parallel to The Capitol" depicted in the Hunger Games movies.

"The big question for us 'is the republic actually dead?' and is Obama just the first caesar?" the artist said. "The welfare state and the Kardashians are the 21st century version of bread and circuses ... Is this a democratic republic, or just a Washington D.C. TV show that is pretending to be one, while the Federal government laughs at the plebes ... If Cruz is the candidate, we have a chance at restoring the republic."

And if Trump wins the nomination? "At least he's all in on being an American."