Ted Cruz Spoofs 'Office Space' Scene in South Carolina Campaign Ad

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The Republican presidential candidate goes "gangsta" in new attack ad.

Ted Cruz has released a campaign ad in South Carolina that spoofs the Office Space scene in which Ron Livingston's Peter and his work friends attack a copy/fax machine with bats.

But this time it's a Hillary Clinton impersonator with the bat and the rage, and the scene is set to the tune of "Damn, It Feel Good to Be a Gangsta" — a Geto Boys song used in the original film. The lyrics in the Cruz ad are now directed at the Democratic candidate, while the Clinton impersonator's aggression is directed at a hard drive.

"Damn, it feels good to be a Clinton," the song begins as blond woman in a black pantsuit and sunglasses who resembles Clinton slams the machine with a kick before moving on to hit it with a bat and then over and over with her own fist.

The song continues: "The shameless politician always plays her cards right / Gotta cruise for the fight on the airwaves / Left dogs in the press keep your mouths tight / Cause a Clinton never needs to explain what it is they've done or with who / A real Clinton knows that they're entitled / and you don't get to know what they do / Damn, it feels good to be a Clinton/ A server full of secrets ain't no thang."

Whether Cruz will appear in a later ad in the role of "world's best boss" Bill Lumbergh remains to be seen.