Ted Cruz Now Selling "Trumper Tantrum" Baby Apparel

Donald Trump stares at Ted Cruz GETTY - H 2016
Joe Raedle/Getty Images

Demand for the merchandise is so great, all items are on backorder, according to the senator's website.

Ted Cruz took another dig at Donald Trump on Sunday when he announced his campaign is selling baby apparel inspired by the billionaire businessman.

The Texas senator shared over social media that he's now offering "Trumper Tantrum" wear, a onesie and bib with a picture of Trump's hairstyle and the phrase: "Enough with the Trumpertantrums already." 

Cruz coined the phrase back in February after Trump accused him of dirty politics over the senator's victory in the Iowa caucus. Trump finished second. 

The apparel page claims that due to high demand, items are on backorder for as long as two weeks.

Trump, the GOP presidential frontrunner, has been highly critical of GOP voting regulations lately as Cruz has gained ground in the polls.  

Even the two candidates' wives have become mudslinging fodder in their war of words.

The next contest, the New York primary, is Tuesday.